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We recommend Akeeba Back up!

Written by Michael White on Saturday, 28 August 2010.

the best backup solution for Joomla!

Akeeba Back is totally awesome! I remember spending a lot of time backing up and zipping archives of my sites and running SQL exports to back up my databases and it was painful. Then came joomlapack. Nicholas Dionysopoulos created joomlapack and open sourced it. This was a big step forward for all joomla webmasters and novices a-like so we thank you Nick!

Later Joomlapack evolved in Akeeba Backup and got even more awesome. There is now a pro version and you can back you site up the cloud with services like Amazon Cloud and Dropbox.

One click back up, multiple archive formats and finite control from file exclusion to database table exclusion, you can even back up other applications and their databases if there are on the same domain.

Akeeba makes life easy when running automated backups or migrating a site. Thanks Nick, keep the legendary joomla components coming!